About Us

JM® - Exclusive Italian Brand was born from the creativity, tenacity and passion of its founder.
The project has become a reality that, inspired by the deep love for Italian Luxury and Hospitality, has given life to a brand capable of creating authentic "Exclusive Experiences" characterized by a unique, totally personalized style, suitable for all those who are constantly in search for Italian exclusivity!
We promote the culture of true Made in Italy excellence in the world, with meticulous attention to the product or customized service that is able to enhance the personal style of each individual customer.
Thanks to the team's over twenty years of experience, gained in the sector; Tourism, Wine, Nautical, Building and Cultural we are able to guarantee a 360 degree consultancy service to satisfy your every request.
Our team, in addition to being made up of a team of professionals, works in partnership with selected companies, taking care of innovative projects which, overall, also create value from the point of view of Territorial Marketing.
Also for this reason, we are always looking for new partnerships that are able to add new value to the Made in Italy Luxury Product or Service, made to measure in which we believe.
And now that we have introduced ourselves, let the journey into the excellence of Luxury Made in Italy begin.
Welcome to Jacopo Mola® Exclusive Italian Brand
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