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Everything is projected around you! Inside you will find all the exclusive services according to your lifestyle, (Exclusive Service, Nautical, Fashion, Art, Culture, Sport, Travel).
I will take care of your wardrobe, organize your business or leisure trips for you and your family.
You will have a luxury car with driver, a private jet, a yacht for holidays, a villa by the sea or in the mountains!
Is your daughter getting married? Is it your wedding anniversary? The birthday of your wife or partner? The baptism of your nephew? Do you have to organize a meeting or a corporate event?
You don't have to worry! The professionalism of my staff combined with the collaboration of selected suppliers will be pleased to ensure you personalized, quality services, carrying out an initial consultation, with attention to every detail making your event unique and unrepeatable.
Do you love sports? Discover the exclusive Golf, Tennis, Horse riding clubs, in partnership with JM® LUXURY BRAND. You can have all the services you want in every part of the world!
Among my clients there are professionals of any sector, from whom I made myself known thanks to my professionalism and unity to the values ??that characterize my Family Brands.
My role is as follows; "I'm the Made in Italy Luxury Manager"!
I take care of my clientele at 360 degrees, I organize their business or leisure trips or for family needs.
They always have a luxury car with driver, a private jet, a yacht for their holidays or a villa by the sea and in the mountains!
I take care of their homes, furnishing their interiors with my design thanks to the collaboration of professionals specialized in the sector who support me.
I take care of their wardrobe, I design their "Suit, Outfit, Business Suit" tailored suits that my own Italian Artisans make with love and passion.
The professionalism of my staff combined with the collaboration of selected suppliers is always happy to ensure personalized, quality services, carrying out initial consultancy, with attention to every detail.
For me this is not a profession, but a passion that leads me every day to give emotions to all those who want class, values, and authenticity. I will always be at your disposal!


® - Exclusive Italian Brand borns from the creativity, tenacity and passion of its founder.
The project has become real, inspired by the deep love for Luxury and has given birth to a brand capable of blending fine materials and refined design, creating exclusive international products and services characterized by a unique, totally personalized style, suitable for those who are in the constant search for excellence.
We promote the culture of true Made in Italy excellence in the world, with meticulous attention to the customized product that is able to enhance the personal style of each individual customer. Our work is made possible by the wise activity of our selected master craftsmen, highly qualified and capable of satisfying the most complex needs.
Thanks to the team's decades of experience, matured in the nautical, hospitality, art, culture and fashion sectors, Jacopo Mola® guarantees a style consultancy service, creating trendy, personalized objects, accessories and garments that cannot be found nowhere else, unique creations with unique details and inimitable.
Our selected partnerships guarantee the realization of exclusive projects in nautical design, which can also be applied to the home.
The team of architects and yacht designers of Jacopo Mola® gives life to the most ambitious projects, taking care of every single detail with taste and craftsmanship.
Our team, in addition to being made up of a team of professionals, with a great passion for creating authentic Luxury experiences, works in partnership with selected companies, taking care of innovative projects that, overall, also create value from the point of view of territorial marketing. Also for this reason, we are always looking for new partnerships capable of bringing new value to the Made in Italy luxury product,tailor-made in what we believe in.
And now that we have introduced ourselves, the journey into the excellence of Luxury Made in Italy can begin.
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Jacopo Mola was born on 27th December 1989 into a humble family in Florence, the father policeman and the mother supermarket worker. Grown up in Frosinone, a province in the south of the region Lazio, he has been showing great creative skills since the age of 7, which led to a passion for fashion and entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on the Nautical, Artistic and Cultural sectors.

His passion for boating also blossomed thanks to his uncle, who led him to attend shipyards of several Italian ports, thus having the opportunity to meet some shipowners who took him to join nautical circles, where his passion for pleasure boats grew and came to life.

In 1998, at the age of 8, on the school desks, he began to create his first brand "Jacopo Mola Yacht",  with which he tried to convey his emotions made of values, class, style and authenticity, inspired by famous characters and historic shipowners such as "The lawyer Agnelli, Aristotle Onassis, Ranieri III of Monaco."

In 2008, having reached the age of majority, after graduating as a mechanical expert, he decided to devote himself completely to his passions, while carrying out humble professions, waiting to be able to invest in his ideas and business projects.

Not coming from a wealthy family, with solid economic bases, he is forced, but willing to accept it, to pay his dues.  However, in 2015 he finally starts making his way with his first brand "Jacopo Mola Yacht".
Stubborn, determined, enterprising, despite the first difficulties in being able to highlight his entrepreneurial skills, he started his first sole proprietorship as a style consultant, but his projects were too big to launch not owning capitals to invest. 

At that point he started to rely on expert craftsmen, small and medium entrepreneurs, who helped him to approach the various sectors of reference.

Thus he began to create his first Business Plans, studying a far-seeing business strategy that could enhance the best Italian excellences at an international level among "Fashion, Boating, Art and Italian Culture"!

In 2016, thanks to the meeting with Ivan, entrepreneur and craftsman of an italian shoe factory, he was given the opportunity to star making the first handmade men's shoes customized for his clients: (Entrepreneurs, Lawyers and Celebrities International).

In 2017 he started the first collaborations with the first shipyards, which gave him the opportunity to launch the sector "Jacopo Mola Yacht - Division", counting on the expertise of a team of architects, stylists and designers, naval engineers, taking special care of the requests from important international clients and shipowners.

In November 2017, thanks to his friend Melania, specialized in Wedding Planning, who supports him, he founded the sector Luxury Events with the intention to organize prestigious private and corporate events, where the Italian art and culture joins famous International Artists and Entrepreneurs, all projected on the Artistic, Editorial, Musical, Nautical and Sports sectors.

In 2018 he began to plan a business strategy giving life to other 7 brands that will give him the possibility of working in the sector of Luxury at 360 °, offering exclusive level services and products, with the intention of succeeding in creating a International Holding which can be listed on the stock exchange and bring together the best Italian excellences.

The Mentors that I took as an example ...
Lawyer Giovanni Agnelli, Michele Ferrero, Enzo Ferrari, Carlo Riva, Fabio Perini, Enrico Mattei, Bernardo Caprotti, Leonardo del Vecchio, Ennio Doris, Alberto Rusconi, Carlo Taormina, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo. "
"I thank my parents, who transmitted the true values of life to me ... I thank the mentors from which I was inspired, some of them I was lucky enough to know them receiving invaluable advice and important teachings."

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