Uniqueness, Various types of style that for Jacopo Mola represent a value for his creativity that offers his faithful customers who love to stand out and love each other and value themselves.
It starts from the ancient style; from the "Baroque to the Rococo" up to the "Classic, Modern or Contemporary".
Let's start from the Baroque which presents itself as the affirmation of powerful and recognizable values ??by anyone, the term used to indicate "tout court" an ideology and a cultural season born in Rome, which expressed themselves in literature, philosophy, art and music, features of the seventeenth century and the early decades of the eighteenth century.
For this reason the realism of the representation is strongly re-evaluated and for this reason the true lovers and connoisseurs of this style made of "History, Art and Culture" choose it to represent their furnishings, accessories and luxurious furniture.
Rococo is instead an ornamental style developed in France in the first half of the eighteenth century as an evolution of the late Baroque.
The rococo style furniture represented by Jacopo Mola allows you to create majestic and rich classy environments, but also with a pleasant richness.
Colors such as "Gold, Bordeaux, Beige, Ivory or Light Blue and Antique Rose" should be used, while for objects and ornaments "Curls and Spirals" should be seen.
Frames, Inlays, Embroidery to give the rooms and their homes the true Rococo style!

Classic furnishings
If one speaks of Classic furniture for Jacopo when one enters an environment, the feeling must be that of being guests and welcomed by nobility from the ancient and noble origins, where the "Classe and Bon Ton" reign supreme.
From the floor to the ceiling up to the furniture, the traditional criteria must be unique, the quality must not only be felt!
For Jacopo the classic style is first recognized by the noble and noble bearing, then when it comes to furniture: the furniture must reflect its personality, it must have a slightly retro flavor, there must be so much wood with various types of Parquet that Jacopo puts available to every single customer in the design phase.
The sofas must be padded and must make you feel the comfort and quality derived from the Made in Italy Craft.
To follow this style, it is necessary to start from the fundamental requisites: the choice of the floor cannot be casual but you have to orient yourself between a Carrara marble, both in shades of brown or ivory, while for the parquet on the Tuscan genre with a beautiful brushed Oak or Dark.
The walls require a cream color with gold reflections; a darker shade is permitted, which Jacopo does not recommend, only if the floor is very light and where there are windows with lots of light.
Modern and Contemporary Style

Jacopo represents the Modern or Contemporary style with luminous lines that are the most appropriate solution.
Just make sure that the furniture doesn't absorb all the attention in the room.
Your home or your environment must reflect your personality and the choice of furniture speaks a lot about what you are as specified above.
Furnishing or designing the interiors of a House or a Yacht is like creating a tailored suit, everything must be designed according to your way of being.

The modern style represents harmony, the atmosphere must be serene, tranquil.
For Jacopo the parquet must be clear, the recommended colors are as follows;
"Bamboo, Sand Flooring, Natural Oak, Turtledove, Gray London, Vintage Boston, light brown with green reflections".

The modern style bedroom must be in cool shades ... The curtains must be smooth, without embroidery and must have a very modern architecture with aluminum structure and opening and automatic sliding closure with remote control.
The bed must be low, oriental style when entering the bedroom you must feel a typical Japanese hospitality.
The wardrobe depending on the space available, generally Jacopo recommends those craft with double cabin especially for a married couple.
The "Luxury Woman" walk-in closet must have two internal mirrors, with a large shoe rack that can allow the Woman to collect her beloved shoes.
The "Luxury Man" walk-in closet must be divided by two doors with a glossy black aluminum board.
On the right the tailored suits should be placed on the left the shirts.
While the shoe rack for men is recommended in the entrance and preferably if the spaces allow it and the walls are thick and date back to the 60s, we recommend a retractable shoe rack of the same color as the wall.
The bathroom must be fresh, with silver or satin taps.
Jacopo recommends double sinks, with a single piece of furniture in classic style with modern finishes and equipped with technology and LEDs incorporated in the handles and in the mirror which we recommend a mosaic frame made of masonry.
The living room must have "Chateau D'ax" island or leather sofas.
In a modern setting with a large hall Jacopo recommends to its customers a bioethanol fireplace with a handcrafted structure finished in Crystal and Swarovski.
For Jacopo the modern kitchen must be in the American style, obviously produced in Italy.
 "Scavolini" is his reference brand where he brings all his beloved customers.
 Team and Partners
Jacopo Mola was aware of the fact that his art and creativity had to be supported and supported by a team of "Architects, Designers, Surveyors and Professional Construction Companies".
After years of working together, he collaborated with the most renowned surveyors and architects, up to the point of valorising young graduates and Start ups who had the dream of establishing themselves in this sector.
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