"Jacopo Mola® Luxury Real Estate Investments" provides its client with customized real estate investment solutions in Italy or abroad.
We offer 360 ° assistance, thanks to the over ten years of experience of our team, gained in the Real Estate Sector;
“Our consultants, lawyers, architects and tax consultants” ensure all our clients a profitable purchase, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the Italian and international market.
Our Vision:
Facilitate and optimize real estate investment in the best locations in the world by offering maximum security!
Thanks to our dense network of contacts and our wide range of research methods, we aim to provide the investor with the best solution that can satisfy his every need.
We accompany the customer in every phase of the sale, providing our professionals and interpreters (in Italian, English, French, Russian, Japanese), who thanks to their experience and professionalism guarantee the highest level of Real Estate Consulting.
E-Mail. Info@jacopomola.com

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