Unique experiences come to life: what is the Luxury Concierge
According to Jacopo Mola® in a hectic world where everything has a price and a value, one of the few things that cannot be bought is time, that spent with loved ones, in special places and doing the activities you love most.
What does "Luxury Concierge" mean?
The expression "Luxury Concierge" means a tailor-made assistance and support service, where the customer's needs are listened to and followed carefully.
The word "Concierge" derives from the French phrase "Comte des Cierges", which means that it refers to the person who lit candles in the Middle Ages, kept them lit on the occasion of major events and was responsible for keeping the keys of the place where the event was hosted.
Nowadays, the Concierge is carried out by an agency that provides full-time exclusive services for a specific area, a country or even worldwide.
The Luxury Concierge offers personal services for leisure, travel and events and includes a specialized staff always ready to listen, advise and act.
JM® - Luxury Concierge Service & Management simplifies your life by offering exclusive tailor-made services and products.
Jacopo Mola® and his Staff will listen to your wishes and offer you customized solutions, paying the utmost attention to every single detail.
Thanks to our partnership network we respond effectively to your needs and we can be your interlocutor to solve and manage multiple aspects of your Private and Professional life.
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