The "JM FOUNDATION®" project was born from the will of the Entrepreneur, Creative and Manager Jacopo Mola®.
As a boy he promised himself that in the future he would be able to create a NO PROFIT organization, which, not for profit and not being destined to make profits, could help people in difficulty due to diseases, poverty conditions , social exclusion by promoting and supporting international projects for organizational and charitable purposes.
The main purpose of "JM FOUNDATION®" will be to be able to find people of values and volunteers who will be able to help grow this foundation, with the aim of being able to bring help, smiles and emotions around the world.
Helping people in need makes you happy! Donate and support someone without being asked, especially if at the basis of healthy principles and values, such as "the union that makes strength"!
- We promote technological research and social innovation, protect civil rights in the form of humanitarian aid, contributing and participating in scientific research carried out by foundations and other research bodies

-Let's protect women and their rights!
- Protect your 4-legged friends
- Sports Therapy
- Social-health or / and social assistance
-Education and Training
-We promote and enhance Italian excellence in the world, places of historical and artistic interest
If we can bring help, emotions and smiles around the world, it will be thanks to you too ... to the commitment and generosity of our donors and volunteers, all together we can help thousands of people!
Jacopo Mola and his values await you, join us and find out how to support our activities.
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