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I carry within me the memories, scents, and lights of my youthโ€”foundational elements of my being and substantial constituents of the man I have become over time. Born in Florence to a father of Sicilian origins, a man of utmost integrity who served passionately and devotedly as the Chief Superintendent of the State Police in the air border police sector for forty years. My Tuscan blood, on the other hand, comes from my mother, a Florentine who worked as a sales clerk for a long time; a woman of great values, deeply devoted to family.

I grew up between my beautiful hometown and Frosinone, an Italian town of just over 43,000 inhabitants and capital of the homonymous province in Lazio, in Ciociaria. It is here that my paternal grandparents, Vincenzo and Ida, lived, with whom I can say I spent the most beautiful and intense years of that time, cradled in an atmosphere of loving and reassuring carefreeness.

Back then, summer, always spent with them, was a magical time. In autumn and winter, when the trees began to shed their leaves and Tuscany returned to “being home,” my maternal grandparents, Giancarlo and Grazia, took care of me, benevolent creators of a profound emotional impact on the child Jacopo, raised with utmost care and attention.

Reflecting on it today, I am aware of the great fortune I’ve had: I enjoyed the love of extraordinary parents and grandparents, who represented solid roots from which I drew life force, open arms to return to, and at the same time, propelling forces for my ambitions and my future.

It is in the natural cycle of life, however, that everything comes to an end… The earthly parting from my paternal grandparentsโ€”to whom my soul was, and still is, viscerally tiedโ€”was a sort of watershed between “before” and “after.” Between everything I remember with such great tenderness and a different worldview: the one that took over from then on, from when perhaps, for the first time, I allowed space for deep pain and faced true suffering.

I began to show great creative abilities at the age of seven, and over time, became passionate about the world of aviation: working at the airport, in fact, my father often took me with him, entrusting me to mechanics, pilots, hostesses, stewards… Perhaps it was precisely that period when I began to realize that the only way to truly realize oneself was to aim high, believing in oneself and one’s talents.

The 90s were the years, and the man I will always remember as a gentleman named Amilcare, owner of a Dassault Falcon 900EX private jet and member of the Aero Club I attended, took me under his wing, becoming a true mentor to me.

Amilcare taught me everything he thought could be useful to me in this field and in life. He was a fundamental figure along my life and professional path, along with another great pilot who always called himself Bernardini.

My predilection for Nautics also blossomed thanks to my father, who at the time, at various Italian ports, allowed me to frequent shipyards, giving me the chance to meet some precious shipowners: they introduced me into the Nautical circles, places of choice where my passion for pleasure boats came to life and grew ever more.

In the 90s, thanks to my father, I began to develop a passion for Formula 1, because thanks to his job, he escorted drivers like Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello, and many others.

I remember that on the school desks of elementary school, I drew my first Nautical Brand โ€“ “Jacopo Mola Yacht ยฎ” โ€“, with which I promised myself to convey true emotions, inspired by the values, class, style, and authenticity of the Italian nautical sector.

Another branch that soon captured my interest was that of Italian wine excellence, a passion that originated in Trinacria (Sicily), an island of sea, sun, and a place of the soul for my grandfather Vincenzo, unforgettable to me as much as his native land. He was born in Sinagra, a small medieval center in the Messina area on the banks of the Naso stream; there, his parents owned hectares of land on which they planted various rows of vines and numerous olive trees.

At eight years old, I loved spending my afternoons among the vineyards in his company, listening to detailed stories that revealed when, as a boy, he cultivated the Sicilian land with his beloved sister Maria: above all, however, I was captivated by the revelation of all those secrets that, according to my grandfather, allowed man to produce good wine.

Viticulture had been part of his life since childhood and, despite not living in his native land for a long timeโ€”having left in the 1960s to first move to Piedmont in Turin, and later to Ciociaria to provide a better future for his familyโ€”my grandfather continued for years to employ the same vigor and emphasis in his stories, always paying great attention in trying to transmit his attachment and love for wine to me.

When I wasn’t running through the vineyards, I often ran to the sea; feeling strongly attracted by boats, I mostly spent my summers on the dock of the port.

Today I can affirm with conviction that all my life and work projects were born thanks to some far-sighted visions I had on a summer evening… That day my boat was moored in the port and, from the dock, I watched the shipowners who, with the falling evening, began to taste wine inside their Yachts. I loved taking as an example those refined and elegant Men, who had wonderful companions and wives by their side, Women of class, cared for in every detail.

In that moment, I fell in love with what I define today as “authentic female class”: I was just a child, but I imagined the kind of man I wanted to become and swore to myself that as an adult, practicing a profession that I would build with love, passion, sacrifice, and enthusiasm, I would be able to offer the best products and the most exclusive services to a clientele like thatโ€”demanding, but refined and sophisticatedโ€”, maximizing and in the best possible way the excellences of my country, unique in the world for cultural richness, beauty, and tradition.

With the coming of age, following graduation, I began to perform even humble professions to be able to dedicate myself to my passions, waiting to be able to invest in my ideas and the entrepreneurial projects I had imagined.

Stubborn, determined, and enterprising, despite the initial difficulties I had in highlighting my entrepreneurial talents, in 2015 I started my first sole proprietorship, relying on expert craftsmen, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, who supported me in the insertion phase in some essential reference sectors.

In 2017 I specialized in Yacht Management, and two years later, in Hospitality Management: from that moment on, I started working across the board in all luxury sectors, offering exclusive level services and products to a niche clientele.

The specialization in Food & Wine came the following year, in 2020, while in 2023, after many sacrifices, I achieved a qualification in Luxury Management.

Nothing in life has been given to me, and I often remember this, to others as well as to myself, as proof of the love I have for my profession.

Today, the exclusive Luxury Personal Concierge services I provide to my clientele, both Italian and international, are requested all over the world and my aim is to meet the needs of anyone who contacts me, always giving, great emotions.

The same ones that, in reality, have filled my entire life for thirty-five years!

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