About Me

Your Luxury Personal Concierge

I am Jacopo Mola, a Luxury Personal Concierge. My career has been shaped by creativity, tenacity, passion, and a profound love for luxury. From a young age, I was fascinated by the world of yachting, thanks to my father who took me to Italian shipyards and introduced me to influential shipowners. At the age of seven, I launched my first nautical brand, “Jacopo Mola Yacht,” drawing inspiration from the Italian nautical tradition.

My passion for wine was ignited by my grandfather Vincenzo, a Sicilian vine and olive grower, who imparted to me the secrets of viticulture, deeply influencing my interest in this field.

After graduating as a mechanical engineer, I fully committed to my passions. I started with humble jobs, using them as a springboard to develop my entrepreneurial projects. In 2015, I established my first enterprise, overcoming numerous financial challenges and proving my entrepreneurial skills. Over the years, I specialized in Yacht Management and later in Luxury Management in 2019, extending my expertise to Hospitality Management and Food & Wine in 2020.

Today, thanks to my dedication and commitment, I offer exclusive Luxury Personal Concierge services that are sought after worldwide.

Exclusive Elegance

Unparallel Luxury

Embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury with our 360ยฐ Concierge Service, your gateway to the world’s most exquisite experiences. We specialize in offering comprehensive, top-tier luxury services across various domains โ€” from elite travel arrangements, exclusive event access, and gourmet dining to bespoke personal shopping and premium lifestyle management. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring every aspect of your luxury lifestyle is meticulously curated and seamlessly executed, delivering excellence in every realm to meet the discerning tastes of our elite clientele.

Your Style, My Passion

A new way of shopping

Discover a whole new way of shopping with our Luxury Personal Shopping service. Our expert stylists are ready to understand your unique style and preferences, curating a selection of high-fashion pieces and accessories tailored just for you. From shopping at exclusive boutiques to attending international fashion shows, we accompany you on an unparalleled style journey. Your perfect look is our goal, and your satisfaction is my passion.